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Big Bike Parts Tiregard Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycle with Trailer.

Big Bike Parts has expanded its line of TireGard Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System to protect all your tires - Bike, Trike, and Bike & Trailer monitors are now available. - Now you are able to monitor all your tires with the easy to use TireGard Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The new TireGard Bike &Trailer model is designed specifically to support four tires and take your riding experiences to a whole new level of protection. Completely 100% wireless with G-force continuous transmitting with valve cap sensor for real time monitoring. This hot new item is compact, lightweight, installs in two minutes without tire removal, gives PSI and temperature readings, and many other desirable features. You can set your own Hi and Low warning point for alerts. TireGard Bike & Trailer comes equipped with a User-Friendly interface that enables the rider to easily understand and maintain their motorcycle and trailer in safe conditions. TireGard Bike & Trailer is fully adjustable to fit your riding style and comes with a patented anti-theft sensor lock. TireGard Bike & Trailer helps maximize fuel efficiency and safety by eliminating riding on under-inflated tires. Just simply remove the OEM valve caps and replace with the new valve cap sensors, turn on the handheld device and ride. Get your TireGard Tire Pressure Monitoring System today and never feel under pressure again! Just Ride!
Mnfr. Part #: Big Bike Parts 13-317
Our Part #: BIG-13317

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