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Shoei Multitec Modular Helmet.

The recent popularity of flip up helmets is a clear indication of the market's demand to combine the convenience of an open face helmet with the comfortable, secure feeling of a full face helmet. When Shoei set out to design the new Multitec, we didn't only want to meet our customers' expectations; we wanted to blow them away! The Multitec represents the pinnacle of flip up helmet design and technology. -

Shell Integrated Spoiler
Cheek Pad Slits for Eyeglasses
Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) Shell
Removable Cheekpads
Integrated Breath Guard
Adjustable Upper Vent
Sleek and Aerodynamic Design
Combined with strict manufacturing tolerances reduce turbulence and wind noise
Neck Outlet Vent
- Complies With FMVSS218 (DOT)
Quick Release Base Plate System
3D Comfort Liner System
Chin Curtain
Preset Shield Opening Lever With Locking Mechanism
CX-1V Shield
5-Year Warranty

This product is currently out of stock

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