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Can-Am Spyder Luggage Rack.

This is the most versatile luggage rack system you can buy for your Spyder. The installation pictures show the luggage rack which can be used just as is for a small rack for daily use. The decorative slots underneath also function as bungee chord hook points. Installation of this rack is a breeze! The rack frame underneath slides into the Spyders backbone so it is super sturdy becoming an integral extension of the frame itself. Once the frame extension is installed (a 15 minute job at most), the rack itself can come on and off in minutes. Once the rack is removed, the stock tailcone can be re-installed without removing the Kewlmetal frame extension. Once you have the Kewlmetal luggage rack you can add a larger top plate for longer trips, Item # KD-238, or the Spyder Web top plate Item # KD-239. You can also add the GIVI trunk adaptor plate Item # KD-246. These top plates come on and off with 4 screws so you can leave them off and simply throw it on when you need it. Our system also incorporates a passenger backrest, Item KD-241. The passenger backrest can be run on the base or with any of the top plates except the trunk mount plates. The passenger backrest setup does not interfere with the luggage carrying area. The rack can also serve as the perfect mounting platform for just about any trunk you choose. Customers have mounted all kinds of trunks to these racks with little modification. Kewl Metal KD237 Kewl Metal KD-237
Mnfr. Part #: Kewl Metal KD-237
Our Part #: KEW-KD237

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