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SpeedoHealer Calibrator V4 -

On most modern motorcycles, with factory speedometer error being as high as 10%, even a modest sprocket gearing change can have the speedometer off by 15%. The sprocket change will also cause higher odometer reading, creating a negative resale factor for no valid reason. The SpeedoHealer is an inexpensive, convenient and very simple way to fix your speedo and odo. Compatible with all motorcycles with non cable driven speedometer. Calibrate your vehicle's factory speedo and odometer to get 100% accurate readings. Convert miles to kilometers and vice versa on import vehicles Set your speedo reading according to the local standard during your trip abroad. Recall your true top speed to your factory speedometer by press of a button. Widest calibration range (-99.9% to +99.9%) along with the finest increments (0.1%). 100% weather proof design, it is built to last. SPEEDOHEALER V4 NEW FEATURES: New user interface- easier to program, review and update the stored parameters. Extended calibration range - Works even in special applications, like with different engine-gauge combination, bike engine powered cars etc. Detachable remote button for the top speed recall feature now standard. Black high quality shielded wiring harness for the factory look blends in with the other cables. 30% smaller and lighter unit by far the smallest calibrator in the world. Improved connector layout - less space required with the harness connected. Allows storing two independent calibration values and switching among them by the press of a button. There is clear, visual confirmation of the value in use - Might be useful for road/track setting when different wheel sizes or gearings are mounted. Also could be used to by-pass the speed limiter on the track. Allows to review and enable/disable the Km/h to MPH conversion feature by the press of a button. Works from as low as 3V supply voltage - Means even easier installation for all Yamaha bikes and some other models. Reduced power consumption + auto stand-by.
Our Part #: HET-SHV4Y01

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