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J&M ZUMO550/JMCB-2003 Specific Stereo/Nav/Cell/Radar Audio Integration Terminal

This exciting new component terminal will integrate all functions of the new Garmin Zumo550, (MP/3 stereo, XM stereo, GPS route commands, and Bluetooth cell phone interlink) together with the alert warnings from your favorite radar detector (if so equipped) with the JMCB-2003 system. - - Never before have all of these audio system features been combined into one complete integrated system for installation onto Sport Touring or Cruiser style motorcycles for both driver and/or passenger, including the Zumo Bluetooth cell phone interlink, for complete hands-free operation. - - The system shown at right is mounted to a Honda VTX using the optional J&M # SRMK-CR02 stainless steel mounting bracket kit, for the ultimate in convenience and good looks. - - Any of the available J&M CFRG radar plug-and-play cables can also be purchased (at additional cost) to integrate the alert tones from your radar detector into the system as well. - - Please download the manual posted on this page for more complete installation/operation information.
Our Part #: JM-JCB03CFRGZMO550

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