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Street FX ElectroPods Linear Strips.

The single color ElectroPod light strip is the latest performance accent lighting kit to enhance your ride and give you the look that you have been wanting. It allows you to light your engine, interior, undercarriage... or anywhere you can imagine! Thetechnology of the ElectroPod strip allows multiple strips to be connected together by simply wiring the first strip to the power source and connecting any remaining strips. -


Six low profile, ultra bright LEDs. Can be connected to any 12 volt battery. Modular feature that allows multiple strips to be connected. Includes one waterproof light strip, cable ties, mounting screws, replaceable fuse, and installation instructions.

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Cycle House Key/side cover plates

Cruiser VTX 1800 "Profile" Patch measures 5" across and is a 100% thread, fully embroidered patch, LaserCUT with an iron-on backing. Amazing details make this patch incredible

N20 Helmet - (Color:Pearl Mocha Dash)(Size:Lg)

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