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J&M Cell Phone/GPS/Radar Detector Integration Kit for Honda GL-1800. .

This component terminal will integrate the audio signals from a cell phone, GPS and/or radar detector with the driver's (only) helmet headset. - - If the cell phone normally rings out of its hands-free headset jack, or emits any other beeps or tones, it will momentarily be heard in the left headset speaker. A flip of the supplied control switch activates complete connection of the driver's headset to the cell phone for complete hands-free operation. - - If the radar detector or GPS unit emit any commands, beeps or braps, regardless of what else might be being heard in the headset, they will momentarily be heard in the right speaker. - - This kit includes the plug-in integration module, handlebar-mounted control switch, adapter cables for three-pin and four-pin cell phone headset jacks, and adapter cables for most radar detector/GPS audio output jacks. Complete installation and operating instructions are included. - - Note: Additional cable adapters/accessories are available (at extra cost) for a complete plug-and-play solution. (please back up to the previous page to purchase these items) - - J&M Part# CFRG-GRM2 is a direct plug-in adapter harness to connect the Garmin 2610 - 2820 GPS units. - - J&M part# CFRG-PP85 is a direct plug-in adapter harness to connect the Passport 8500 radar detector. - - J&M part# CFRG-BT01 is a Bluetooth adapter module for wireless connection of Bluetooth enabled cell phones and GPS/Navigation devices - CFRG-GL18
Our Part #: JM-CFRGGL18

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