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Kuryakyn CTEK MULTI US 3300 Battery Charger.

Through years of advanced research in battery electronics and electrochemistry, CTEK has developed battery chargers with superior technology that save time, money and aggravation by maximizing battery life and performance. - - All CTEK chargers feature... - Simplicity - * Less charging time than conventional chargers - provides current pulses to maintain fully charged batteries - * No need to disconnect battery from vehicle - - Flexibility - * Fits virtually all lead-acid battery types: Wet, Sealed, Gel & AGM - * Splashproof and weatherproof - Sealed design is approved for outdoor use - * Compact, lightweight, and easily portable - * Impossible to connect incorrectly - * Patented technology protects against sparks, short circuits and reverse polarity - * Does not damage sensitive electronics - - Strong multi-stage tasker that can handle all but the largest vehicles. Recovers or "wakes" a sulfated or under-charged battery. Three charging modes 0.8A@14.4V, 3.3A@14.4V, and 3.3A@14.7V. Unique cold temperature mode enables faster re-chargeing, even in the coldest winter conditions. Charges all types of lead-acid batteries (wet, sealed, AGM). Specifically recommended for Optima Red Top batteries. Ideal uses: All CTEK US 800 applications plus boats, campers, and trucks.
Mnfr. Part #: Kuryakyn 4203
Our Part #: KUR-4203

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