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Kisan ChargeGUARD Battery Charging and Monitoring System. .

Built from the ground up chargeGuard offers five products in one. chargeGuard is a voltmeter, ammeter, ambient temperature display, battery charger, and warning device all in one. - - All the features on chargeGuard are displayed graphically in both digital and analog formats. chargeGuard is made to work on ANY motorcycle with a battery, and installation is a simple plug and play operation - - chargeGuard uses a step-charging system, meaning if the battery voltage is low more power is supplied to the battery. As the voltage increases to the fully charged condition, the amount of power supplied to the battery decreases. Step-charging the power to a battery also removes the sulfate build up on the battery plates - - - - - For a demo of this product please Click Here - - Battery Charger Notes - - - Solid state smart charger - - - Auto battery type detection - - - Full microprocessor integration - - - - Display Notes - - - Displays volts, amps, ambient temperature, and ICE ALERT WARNING - - - Auto adjust backlight - - - Simple "Plug & Play" installation - -
Our Part #: KIS-CG10

Our Price: $225.95


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