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Shoei X-Eleven(X-11) Solid Color Helmets. Available in Black, White, and Monza Red. Select Color and Size Below. .

SHOEI X-Eleven Full-Face Helmets - - - - Introducing Shoei's top-of-the-line racing helmet _ the all-new X-ELEVEN, a study in safety design, ventilation and aerodynamic engineering. - - - - FEATURES - - - - Aerodynamic Shell Design - - Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind tunnel testing and professional riders' feedback - - The Aero Edge Spoiler dramatically reduces drag and lift coefficients, thus diminishing rider fatigue and increasing performance - - Hyper Dual-Liner II Ventilation System - - Offers unmatched ventilation with internal channels and exhaust ports throughout the helmet - - The Dual Air Charge system: A forehead lower intake and a forehead upper "Air Scoop II", combine to maximize flow-through ventilation - - Outlet holes in the Aero Edge Spoiler allow warm air to be exhausted - - The lower air intake provides an additional source of air flow - - The neck outlet vent allows for effective air exhaust - - Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM) - - - - High performance fiber materials are combined with extremely elastic organic fibers to create a shell structure that is ultra lightweight, rigid and resilient - - - - Anti-Fog System - - Exhaled air is absorbed into the "Breath Chamber II" and exhausted by negative air pressure, thus eliminating shield fogging - - The lower air intake provides air flow that helps to diminish shield fogging - - 3D Full Support Interior, Type 3 - - The entire interior lining (cheek pads, upper liner and chin strap covers) is easily removed to allow for cleaning - - Each component of the inner liner is ergonomically designed to offer safety,fit and comfort - - Standard Chin-Strap Clip neatly secures chin strap - - CX-1 V Shield and Lock System - - Q.R.B.P. (Quick-Release Base Plate) allows tool-less shield removal - - A wide, 3-dimensionally curved shield offers increased peripheral vision and optical clarity - - Scratch-resistant

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